It’s all in your perspective

I went for a walk this morning.  I had to make myself get out and do it.  I have been in a low spot the past couple of days and I knew that a walk would ground me even though I resisted doing it. So I put one foot in front of the other and was on my way. One of the things I have always treasured in my journey is signs of encouragement.  When I least expect it, there they are. For me, they are little messages from God that everything is going to be okay.  I see many of these signs through beauty in nature.  Birds, sunsets, three acorn caps on one stem, are just some of the things that encourage me.

Today I saw three of my favorite bird signs.  A crane flew right across my path (less than 10 feet) and landed just to my left in a residential yard.  The bird just stood there looking at me as I passed by.  My heart smiled at this bird just dropping by to say Hi.  Then, as I passed by some bushes, in the grassy opening was a cardinal.  Cardinals are my favorite sign.  Their vibrant color cheers me up.  The cardinal did not fly away, it just hopped a few feet away from me and stopped. I stood and watched him for a little while, soaking in the warmth of the moment.  The last sign was a hawk.  I actually only heard the hawk with it’s distinctive call.  I looked where the sound was coming from but never did spot him.

I arrived home with my heart lighter than when I left.  I felt grounded for having spent time outside admiring this beautiful world we live in.  I am grateful for a body that allows me to do all this.

When you are in a funk try taking a walk and looking for beauty around you.  Feel the ground beneath your feet. Smell the air.  Feel the wind on your skin.



If I am glad to have learned one thing so far in life, it is that we are more alike than we are different.

I am inspired by so many things throughout my day and I wanted a way to share this with anyone wanting to listen.  So I am starting this blog for that very purpose.

Please, read what you will, keep what you like, and release what does not resonate with you.

My desire is that one post might encourage one person on their journey.